Case Studies

Two case studies to illustrate our core competencies in both application development and cloud infrastructure.


Email Publishing System for a Fortune 100 

We designed, developed, and deployed a templated email publishing system to allow this health insurance company to develop complex custom targeted mailings to over  10 million members. The system was developed to allow the company to leverage their existing Salesƒorce relationship for email marketing, and to allow their content production team to quickly assembly emails which are targeted to specific email channels based on subscriber attributes and segmentation parameters. The application was developed with proven Microsoft technologies: ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, and hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. 


Highly available e-commerce platform for distressed real estate

We have designed, developed, and maintained an e-commerce platform for real estate which does an annual sales volume of approximately $75 million in distressed real property (Bank / REO) or real estate financial instruments (lien, county tax sales).  We helped the client migrate from an existing self-hosted, self-managed private data-center colocated server solution to a robust cloud-based solution implementing fault-tolerance and high availability.